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Quick Quote Advantages:

  • Provides an instantaneous ballpark quote in real time – no waiting whatsoever!
  • Requires minimal client information.
  • Presents three levels of coverage so you can quickly see the range of options available.
  • This is a great option when you’re at the beginning at the sales cycle and you’d like to give your client a rough idea of what to expect.
  • Once registered, Quick Quote not require broker identification data to be reentered.

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Detailed Quote Advantages:

  • Provides a complete, accurate quote within 24 hours using our DI Analyzer Product Comparison.
  • The Analyzer shops a range of carriers, so you can easily compare coverage and pricing options in a user-friendly comparison chart.
  • This is a great option when you have an interested client who is serious about securing DI protection.
  • Requires detailed client data. If you’re not registered, you will be asked to enter minimal information about yourself as well.

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